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Guide for New Players on Effective Penalty Betting  
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28/11/2023 3:08:14 PM
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Currently, penalty betting is one of the popular betting forms in football betting. However, not every new player can fully understand this type of betting. Refer to the following article by Wintips to get a better understanding!
What is a penalty bet?
A penalty bet, also known as an 11-meter bet, is the final betting type in a football match when two teams are tied. This type of bet is used to determine the winner of a match. The two teams will take turns shooting from the 11-meter mark with 5 shots in the first round. If a winner is not decided after the first round, each side will take 1 shot more until the match result is determined.
Conditions for the appearance of an 11-meter bet:
It determines the win or loss from the 11-meter mark.
After 90 minutes of official play as well as extra time, if a winner is not found.
The bet will be made within the playing time of both teams.
In general, the 11-meter bet is relatively dramatic and attractive. However, for bettors who lack a clear understanding, it can be challenging to get into. Moreover, players need accurate prediction skills from vip football tips today to win this type of bet.
Common types of penalty bets
Below, Wintips will provide you with some of the most popular penalty bets today.
Win/Loss team betting
This can be seen as the simplest type of penalty kick bet. Players only need to bet on the team they predict will win. This type of bet is counted only when the penalty shootout is completed, determining the winning team in the match.
Final score betting
This type of betting is considered quite difficult with very low winning odds. However, many bettors still choose to participate in this type of bet because of the large betting winnings if predicted accurately. To successfully bet on the final score, you must have accurate football analysis skills.
Players also need to accurately assess the ability of the players involved in the penalty shootout as well as the form of the goalkeepers guarding the two teams' goals.
Successful penalty shootouts betting
This is a type of bet where players place bets on each shot by the players. If the player successfully executes that penalty kick, the player wins the bet. Conversely, the player will lose the entire bet amount if the shot fails.
Total goal betting
Similar to the over/under bet in regular and extra time periods of the match. Total goal betting is placing bets on whether the number of goals will be higher or lower than the figure set by the bookmaker. Players predict and bet on whether there will be more or fewer goals than that number.
Based on the match result, players will know if they win or lose the bet. If you win the bet, you will receive the specified bonus from the bookmaker. If you lose, you will lose the entire amount of the bet.
Moreover, the over/under bet is also based on the total number of penalty kicks taken:
Instead of the total number of goals, players predict the total number of penalty kicks taken by both teams' players.
Not every 11-meter shootout will have a complete 10 shots. Therefore, this type of bet is often chosen by many players to place their bets.
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Experience in Betting on Penalty Kicks for Novice Players
Although penalty kicks have a fairly straightforward way of playing, winning isn't something everyone can achieve. To assist newcomers in improving their ability to accurately predict this type of bet, Wintips will share some of the most effective tips at betting tips app for penalty kick betting.
Analyzing the Capability of Both Teams
Regardless of the type of bet chosen when engaging in football betting, analyzing the performance of both teams is crucial. Concerning penalty kicks, bettors need to focus on the ability and technique of taking 11-meter shots. Players should thoroughly understand these aspects before the match takes place.
After researching and conducting a comprehensive analysis, bettors will identify which players have a strong mentality and the success rate of penalty kicks based on their performance history. Therefore, you'll know which team to bet on to have the highest chance of winning.
Placing Bets After the First Round of Penalty Kicks
Players should enter the 11-meter bet when both teams have completed the first round of penalty shots. The result of this round often significantly impacts the mentality of players on the field. Smaller teams usually lack experience in penalty kicks or may have less stable mental states compared to larger teams.
Choosing Appropriate Betting Options
There are various ways to play the penalty kick betting game. Hence, you should select the types of bets that suit the match and grasp the principles of those betting options. Hastily entering a bet without understanding the rules may lead to erroneous decisions.
Paying Attention to Both Teams' Goalkeepers
The goalkeeper taking penalties is a crucial factor determining the victory or defeat of a football team in a nerve-wracking penalty shootout. In professional football, most goalkeepers guarding the goalposts are players with the best form. However, there are still some goalkeepers with sharp anticipation and experience in catching the ball who might step onto the field.
Therefore, players need to focus on the goalkeepers of both teams before placing bets on penalty kicks. If these players have a high success rate in blocking penalty shots from the 11-meter mark, the likelihood of this battle ending in a draw is high. This is an extremely useful tip often used by experienced players when participating in 11-meter bets.
These are some insights and experiences in betting on penalty kicks with a high winning rate. Players should refer to these and develop their own ways of playing 11-meter bets. Register for a betting account to place bets on your favorite team and explore other exciting betting products on the betting platform. Wishing all bettors good luck and abundant rewards when participating in betting.
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