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Real Madrid execute the next step in the Mbappe plan  
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27/7/2021 8:07:35 PM
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Real Madrid execute the next step in the Mbappe plan

It is expected that Real Madrid and Manchester United will finalise the transfer of Raphael Varane in the coming days, a transaction that will see the Spanish club earn around 50 million euros. This is the next step in the club's long-term mission of signing Kylian Mbappe.

No signings are expected at Real Madrid this summer, except for the possible acquisition of Mbappe. If they are to pull off what would be a record signing, though, then Los Blancos need to sell some players to cushion the financial hit. The sale of Varane is a big step in that direction. But, it isn't the only step required.

Losing Sergio Ramos and his net salary of 15m euros was important too, with Real Madrid not expected to sign a new centre-back despite losing their two starters in one summer. David Alaba has arrived on a free transfer and Nacho and Eder Militao will stay, but the fourth centre-back spot will be taken by homegrown Victor Chust, Mario Gila or Jesus Vallejo. This is part of the plan.

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Elsewhere, Real Madrid aren't making any major moves as they want to save funds for the pursuit of Mbappe. That's why Lucas Vazquez was given a new contract, as his salary isn't particularly high and keeping him was cheaper than turning to the market for a replacement.

Real Madrid are in a relatively strong financial position, having weathered the storm of the coronavirus pandemic well. They even posted a profit of 874,000 euros in the last financial year, which is impressive considering most clubs are suffering losses.

Those in charge at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu know that signing Mbappe this summer will take a huge effort, as Paris Saint-Germain won't go below 180m euros for the player, even though his contract expires in 2022. That's if PSG even listen to offers, something which they don't seem prepared to do at this moment in time.

If, however, Real Madrid do manage to convince PSG, a club they have a good relationship with and a club who may decide cashing in on Mbappe now is a better plan, Los Blancos would then have to pay the forward's wages too. He would expect 20m euros net per season, making him the best-paid player in the squad.

This would be a huge transfer, so sales are key and Real Madrid need to lose players anyway since they currently have 28 in their senior squad and can only register 25. There aren't many discardable players who could fetch a major fee, though.

One was thought to be Vinicius, but he isn't for sale. Luka Jovic is another, but it would be tough to recover the investment Real Madrid made in the Serbian striker two years ago. This is why selling Varane and bringing in such a large transfer fee was such a big step for Real Madrid.

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27/7/2021 8:07:35 PM
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